Smartphones With High Sensitive Nerves – The Samsung A52s


The Samsung A52s is a mid-sized Android-based smartphone made and launched by Samsung Electronics as part of the Galaxy A series. The smartphone is introduced on 17 March next year at Samsung’s official Awesome Unpacked conference alongside the new Galaxy A72. It is the latest member of the Galaxy A series and is said to be an enhanced version of the aging model of the same name. The company claims that the A 52s offers a great user experience with a lot of features which are aimed at giving the users an enjoyable and efficient mobile experience. samsung a52s

As far as features go, the Samsung A52s comes with a metal body with an aluminium frame. There is also a dual touch feature which can be used to activate the camera, contact list, clock, light display, menu and so on. Apart from this, it also features a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen, a large fingerprint sensor, a dual-tone speaker, a heart rate monitor, a USB port, a SIM card reader, a single speaker, a barometer and a GPS receiver. The Samsung A52s price is set within a price range of $300 and above for the entry-level smartphone which has been specifically designed to provide all the latest mobile phone benefits.

The Samsung A52s features an eight mega pixel camera which is one of the best on the market nowadays. This makes it perfect for taking pictures of family and friends without spending too much time on uploading them to your PC or your phone. The rear camera is also really good, which features a 13 megapixel resolution. This helps you to take high quality photographs of family and friends and even landscape shots.

The Samsung A52s rear camera can be considered as good as any other smartphone, which has a similar camera department. For example, the iPhone has a four mega pixel camera to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc comes with eight mega-pixels. So, the Samsung A52s rear camera doesn’t get compared easily with its rivals.

When it comes to the software side of things, the Samsung Galaxy A52s comes with a very unique program which allows the use of a tap to launch applications. This is something you won’t find in any other smartphone. If you are a photographer, you will love this function. It also offers various modes for users which include digital picture storage, video recording, image stabilization and panoramic review. If you think about buying this handset, make sure that you buy the version that comes with the service.

The Samsung A52s price can go as low as $400 for the basic model and you will get the capacity to download 2.0 gb of images, including the internal memory. The Samsung SED lower end has two gig flash and the higher end model has three gig flash. Look out for the special offer deals that are coming up so that you save a lot of money on the Samsung A52s. These are some of the features of this handset which will make it worth the money so that you don’t have to worry about buying a second hand version.

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